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Scholarship Godparents

It arose from the concern by couples from Luxembourg wanting to adopt children from Ayacucho, who saw that the older children were being ignored and decided to become and/or find people who would become their “Scholarship Godparents”.

The Scholarship Godparents donate a given amount of money either monthly or annually to their godchildren, depending on their incomes.

When the children reach 18 they receive the money that has been saved on their behalf to help them with the cost of higher education or to start a small business.

Nowadays, the program has evolved and it´s not for a specific child anymore but for the one that decides to enter one of our youth houses because he or she wishes to continue studying.

AEA Miami

Christmas Godparents

This program was created in 1988 and aims to encourage solidarity in our society.

Under it, every “Christmas Godmother” promises to send clothing and a toy to a child in one of the homes for Christmas.

The program also benefits children in the “Puericultorio Juan Andrés Vivanco Amorín.” an orphanage in Huamanga.


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